Out in the Storm

The things I saw out there

Just before the veil came down to hide my eyes

Before I was dragged away to stand trial

And hear my crime read out to me

Those dancing things that almost made sense

Came as distant shouts in the night 

The kind you close a window against and ignore

Until they’re right outside your door and laughing

That’s when I knew the rain was falling

And I went out to watch it coming down

I let my skin soak it in

Washing away all thought of what waited inside

For a moment, out there in the storm

As a part of me broke off and went to find you

All the noise around me stopped

And I was certain that time had done the same

But then the rain kept coming down

And I went on waiting for it to wash me away

Went kayaking out on the lake today. I took for granted how easy it was to get out there when I lived here. Now that I can’t do it whenever I want, it made it so much better to get that chance. Cheers.

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