Where I Left My Heart

I left my heart drying in the setting sun

out on the side of the road to you

and kept right on walking into the night that lay ahead

humming a song whose words I’d forgotten

and thinking of what you said to me

If you come across my heart there, bury it

water it with blood and wine and watch it grow

into just another tree in that endless forest

with a crown reaching to break out of the sky

and roots that won’t let go of all those final thoughts of you

standing in a summer rain, waiting for me to find a voice

and with a breath that should have been my last

beg you not to fly away

I’ve been looking forward to this post. Today marks one year since I started this blog! I don’t say it enough: thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my stuff. All the support and encouragement I’ve received means the world to me. Here’s to year #2!

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

23 responses to “Where I Left My Heart”

  1. Something is so interesting to me about what you are aware to. To the man in the poem, “there is a woman keeping your heart unitl you can use it – you gave it to her to hold while you took care of something necessary” an always arrangement that occurs again and again as experiencing areas are put together. One is a good number.

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