Maybe We’ll Dream

Maybe we’ll dream of a world together

in sleep of unending solitude

of a day when the morning sun awakens us

together on the high plains above a home

drifting away into the mist to live or die

soon to fall beyond the horizon anyway

Maybe we’ll dream of return on still roads

winding through a haunted woodland

that speaks to us with the voices of its dead

shadows following along behind

hoping to catch whatever we may drop

and secret it away to unknowable depths

Maybe we’ll dream in two worlds apart

one carried away by rivers in the sky

the other chasing falling stars

cast out beyond a storm on the horizon

that final curtain drawn between our hearts

before we could know that the past had become memory

Is there an ancient civilization you’d like to be able to see at its prime? I think it would be cool to witness the Viking Age firsthand. Maybe the Aztecs at their height of power…

Photo by from Pexels

12 responses to “Maybe We’ll Dream”

  1. The Aztecs, Vikings and Native American…my great, great, great (?) grandmother was a Native American Souix Indian and I would very much love to see how and where she lived (I’ve also got Viking blood in me so that would be awesome!! as well)

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  2. Love this, rather wistful. As leaving my own neighborhood is a stressful challenge, I don’t think I’d enjoy the trek to an ancient civilization 🙂

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  3. I think ancient Egypt holds the most appeal, looking at former years. But I’m too much in favour of easy hot and cold running water, so if I were to be living ‘back then’ I’d want to be extremely wealthy … not a slave for sure.

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