Into Wild Country

Against a wall in this city of broken light

while a million eyes sweep the darkness

and pass over him

out in the cold that cannot feel his skin

the air surrounds him with its soft embrace

His lungs heave with it, 

a final breath before losing sight 

of the street that runs unending into night

away from the path and into wild country

followed by the warnings of an oracle that echo behind

Time has flowed this way before

a tired river reversing course

to lost summits high above the clouds

There will he stand

a burning torch his offering to the sky

trying to light the passageway

and climb through it to a mirror-image world

Have had some Bossa Nova music playing in the background for a bit now. Has me wanting to take a vacation…

Photo by Jovis Aloor on Unsplash

9 responses to “Into Wild Country”

  1. “Blame it on the Bossa Nova…” or are you too young to remember that song? 🙂 Can’t remember the gal who sang it now, but we had the 45…and the old record player.

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