Immortal Skies

Let the wild ones lead us into glory

on stormcloud rivers in the sky that speak with thunder

of the floodplains feeding from their currents

A crescent land of moon and stars

distorted by the raging waters

where we go to become immortal

and return home to the death that awaits us

ready to rage against the shadow storms

bleak despair like a sickness in the sky

rains falling black from out of the floodlands

The sun will shine upon our home again

when we pry the sky apart and send out a seer

to take hold of a wayward infinity

and cast it down to this place beyond the rivers

There’s a line in the movie Breathless (1960) that has stayed with me ever since I first watched it. A writer is being interviewed by a group of reporters. One of the reporters asks him: “What is your greatest ambition in life?” and he answers, “To become immortal… and then die.”

Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay

14 responses to “Immortal Skies”

  1. Doing something not understandable is the motivation that is running around with terrorism in the “different” portion of infinity. In the area where things are not “different”, I am interested in doing what can be done, doing it forever and having it added to again and again. I like that you have written about the seer. Have you met yours? Sight conduction is what this area of life is also known as. Everything is related.

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