Once More Into Desolation

Through a crowd of faces blurred by rain and shadow

a smile like the morning cut through the dark

and disappeared into a sky of dying starlight

so I followed, across a sea of hidden glances

The wind against my ship was death calling

my sail torn to shreds, mast splintered

but the waves carried me on into twilight

where the sky was stained glass melting

over a land of loneliness and blurred edges

a place where desert met the sea in dreams of paradise

There I found the broken ones made whole

gathered in perpetual morning on the edge of day

who walk over the dunes into unknown desolation

ready to plant their seeds when they find an oasis

Finally got around to watching Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood. It really is a love letter to the old days of classic Hollywood. Some of the best acting you’ll see. I get why some people found it too slow, but if you go in expecting to enjoy every minute of it despite that, then you probably will.

Image by Peter Fischer from Pixabay

17 responses to “Once More Into Desolation”

  1. This one is very nice…following the smile to the place of wholeness where there is perpetual morning instead of mourning. What would happen if all of your words were in the area of climax…you almost go there and then back away and then return and back away is my take…it is interesting to see it…but I am curious about what you can understand to you and others when every word is a going up and then an always up word…something is extra special about it…words are alive inside of areas or realms and you are between two. Something you could contemplate about in your free time. Take it easy.

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  2. Amazing phrases David just stunning imagery. I also loved the movie. I remember the Sharon Tate murders and Time magazines spread on the killings. It was a truly interesting movie as I kept waiting for the horror but life just kept going forward. The acting was amazing and I loved how they changed it some how erasing the sadness of that insanity. Love Joni

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