This Mournful Day

Out of the morning comes screaming light

columns of fire fallen upon an empty land

aching to consume, desperate for absolution

creeping toward fields ready for the harvest

where reapers glide over row upon row of lost souls

and frost covers all in the rising light of dawn

All spirits breathe as one on this mournful day

when music falls as raindrops from the sky

and wind from the west carries the song away

to the ears of a kingdom waiting to be overthrown

We march out of fields left barren behind us

over lands that resist our coming

but cannot hold the tide of war at bay

and when we reach those distant walls

built against a world they thought would never find them

the stones will tremble at the sight of vengeance

and all that once was strong will turn to sand


What are your thoughts on banned books? For me, whenever I hear of a book that was banned it automatically makes me want to read it more. Is it ever justified in your opinion?


Photo by Guillaume Bleyer on Unsplash

14 responses to “This Mournful Day”

  1. We have the First Amendment for a reason. I know some people who deny these rights, instead touting the Second Amendment. They believe it’s not ok to speak your mind, but it is ok to blow people away with a .45.

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  2. Yes, banned books are great! And I agree, knowing they’re taboo makes me want to read them more. In my opinion, all stories should be free to share with others. I don’t really think any of them should be banned. I really enjoyed this poem, too! ✨

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