Tales of the Wicked and Brave

There must be fairytales written about this place

tucked away on hidden shelves in some ancient library

Tales of the wicked and brave who walked these lands

and could not see the magic reaching out to them—

wood nymphs in the shadows, goblins on the road

faeries sleeping soundly on dust motes in the moonlight

Instead, the world called to them, and the heroes hurried on

gone away across enchantment to perfect the deeds of men

while this woodland hollow faded out of memory

Though the shadows grow older, though the world may die

the wood nymphs and the goblins live on

heedless of all beyond the edge of their hollow

Yet they know that one day their story might be found

covered in dust on a shelf at the heart of a labyrinth

and one who knows the way will follow it

out to the woodlands where magic awaits

The first brick has come out of the wall! My short story “Two Point Creek” will be published over at spillwords.com on March 3rd. Hopefully this is the first of many!

Photo by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash

20 responses to “Tales of the Wicked and Brave”

  1. A really melodious poem, if that adjective can be used for poems. Actually, it has the feel of a song to it.
    Also, congratulations on your publication.

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  2. I really liked reading this poem, it helped me to remember what my Oma used to talk about when she would reminisce about her childhood in Germany, there was a forest near her home that she would wander into, she swore that she saw faeries there and other odd things.

    Your poem made me nostalgic for her, her stories and rememberings.. please remember to leave a reminder link to the site your book can be bought at, I would like to buy a copy to support you.

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    • Your Oma sounds like a beautiful soul (:

      Thank you! That means so much to me. I don’t have any books out right now, but I’m working to change that! Im working on one right now, coming near the end of the first draft. Hopefully it comes together like I hope it will.

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  3. Congratulations! That’s so exciting!
    I love this piece but I love all things magical especially wood nymphs, goblins and faeries 😀 The picture you chose really got my imagination going 🙂

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