Odyssey in Waltz

I’ve come to the moon-white edge of truth

washed ashore out of the great waters

which carried you on gentle waves through a fever dream

brought with the wind out of blackening skies

and cast into lands already crumbling beneath the tide

Now I go in search of the path you laid

and you not even looking back

at the withered gardens passing away behind you

Each day draws you further away from me

on an odyssey in waltz danced by the moon and sun

Once, the distance between us was a breath in the night

Now it falls away in ocean lengths to the horizon

and while you walk on into the paradise Eos made for you

I fall behind, caught in a vision somewhere between night and day

tending to the wasteland at your back

Is there any piece of literature that you think everyone should read?

Image by JAKO5D on Pixabay

24 responses to “Odyssey in Waltz”

  1. David these are beautiful phrases. “Each day draws you further away from me on an odyssey in waltz danced by the moon and sun” You write a lot about the sea which brings me to your question. I think everyone should read, “The Old Man and The Sea,” by Hemingway. There is something so beautiful, mystical and glorious about being around the water. Hope you have a great weekend my friend. Love Joni

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  2. Absolutely entrancing… wow. Was carried away… I find that reading second-person writing can do this very easily. Danger, cliffs ahead… ;))

    For books, I’m terrible at making decisions like this, so I’ll take the ones that cross my mind in the moment… following Joni’s Hemingway recommendation above, I looooooved Hemingway’s “A Moveable Feast.” I love his soul as I see it rippling under his writing, and that book even has the gift of his writing tips woven seamlessly through it.

    And then to balance that, with a feminine author/perspective… I loved the book “Unless,” by Canadian author Carol Shields. Same thing applies here, as what I said about Hemingway’s book and writing.

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      • Haha, well, it took me a long while to get around to it, and I suspect you haven’t lived as long as I have? Hehe. Either way, I did have to force myself at first. I started with The Sun Also Rises (the only other one of his I’ve read), took a break from it, in the meantime read A Moveable Feast, loved it, then finished The Sun Also Rises, loving it much better for having read the other one, if I remember right. These was only a few years ago. The other author was a gift from my mom one xmas, it looked like “literary reading” work but from the first pages I couldn’t put it down. Thanks for your awesome and honest reply, lots of fun. :))

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      • That sounds like a cool experience, there’s nothing like being hooked by a book from the first line, unable to put it down until it’s finished. That was 1984 for me the first time I read it. Cheers! (:

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  3. This is a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing it.
    And I think that everyone should read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. It started one of the most popular genres of this day and age, and challenges humanity in the extreme.

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