The Upside Down

Less than a shade of memory

a miasma of weak horror screaming

at a rescuer who cannot hear

wallowing on the edge of worlds

A splinter of threaded light between them

and bridges across a chasm too deep to know

Pools of shadow and visions of the upside down

the dead city I wandered

before the stitching began to fray

and the bridge I crossed started to crumble

one stone at a time away into the void

Hope you all have a good Friday!

Image by Prettysleepy from Pixabay

6 responses to “The Upside Down”

  1. Hey man, have you ever read any Samuel R Delaney? I have a copy of Dhalgren, but haven’t attempted to read it. It’s about the “recombinant city,” one that is there for a while, then disappears, and so on. Your writing sometimes reminds me of this idea. Also, the burial place of King Arthur, Avalon, is said to be a “sinking island,” an unstable place that is never there permanently.

    Happy Friday!

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    • Rob, no, I haven’t read it! It might sound strange, but that idea of the disappearing/reappearing city is exactly like something I used to dream about as a kid. It was always the same city, sort of ancient Romanesque, and I was always alone in it. It’s been the inspiration for a lot of what I’ve written. Thank you for the comment and recommendations! Cheers


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