Beneath Tall Pines

At the edge of a meadow beneath tall pines

I saw a shadow making its way to Zion

leading the blind across broken bridges 

a river overrun with empty promises

and the night following behind to shroud the way

I joined the procession into darkness

and left fear behind to sprout in the meadow

a sign of things to come for all who seek hidden paths

one day to reach the end of the river

and drink my fill of forbidden things

then to look behind at the slow parade

the followers of shadow already dissolved into night

the voices casting spells of silence and desire

the faces lost among tall pines

Tried to wrap my head around how much money 2 trillion dollars really is today. I’m not sure I was able to.

Photo by Zach Lezniewicz on Unsplash

7 responses to “Beneath Tall Pines”

  1. David as always your poetry touches my heart and soul. This is such a vivid piece filled with one glorious verse after another. While reading I got this vision of the last scene from the Hobbit. The one when the elves are getting on the ship and they sail away to their ethereal heaven. Bravo! Stay safe and blessed my friend. Love Joni

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  2. I find it easiest to start with the number two.
    Then I multiply that by one trillion.
    It seems easier than imagining two trillion all at once.

    Another way to grasp two trillion: Start counting pine needles on trees.
    By the time you have finished North America you should be pretty close.

    Seek peace,


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