There’s a Reason

Maybe there’s a reason for the slow tearing away

the new rifts opening between stepping stones across the river

wider with every deep inhale bracing for the next plunge

the fall that never seems to come

yet never seems to end

Maybe the air rushing past is a caress

a hand trying to sever the line pulling down

tethered to darkness dragging all to it

and the journey away is slow madness

constant struggle against surging tides

always rising higher, never receding

and who knows if carrying on to something more

or waiting for the long final rush back out to sea

Ever thought about joining a cult? Starting one?

Photo by Jeremy Bishop from Pexels

10 responses to “There’s a Reason”

      • I liked the series overall but found the portrayal of David Koresh too sympathetic. His known abuse and rape of children was downplayed significantly. But a good insight into the sect.

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      • I completely agree. It almost seemed at times like they were trying to suggest that he was an actual prophet of god, just misunderstood by the world. It was very interesting to get an idea of why the rest of the members chose to follow him, though.


  1. I am interested in the hand in this poem. What is it trying to provide? Cults focus on people and to some extent a higher being in a weird way purposed to control and depreciate someone’s existence until they die – separated from what they love. The interest in conversion is not unlike some religions with religion not agreeing with Always. There is something we all do together at unity that is supreme. The focus where there is peace and celebration of knowledge is on what is truly interesting to people again and again being added to seamlessly.

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      • Hi. People are not supposed to “follow” other people including Jesus and a whole religion is centered around that. There is an Always identity and even that identity does not seek out followers, but participants. It is interesting to understand. People drawn to cults want other humans to tell them how to think and be. They can’t understand something completely on their own. Good topic. I am looking at areas of Waco on Netflix because of your comments to see what has been understandable thus far.

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