Rage On

On the other side of the desert

we came to a lake of fire

and dove in headfirst 

to search for the bottom

because we knew the fire would rage on anyway

with or without our bodies to feed it

and retreat was the same thing as drowning

since the road we walked to get there 

was already burning

Photo by Frank Cone from Pexels

9 responses to “Rage On”

  1. There is a collelction of people searching around for what is not interesting (i.e., terrorism, violence) and if they would use their mental capacity united with Always and their technology for good to look around for what is interesting they would be moved out of the disruption process place (i.e., dimension for breaking things down, entropy).

    Terrible situation at the bottom of the lake of fire. Go up, young man, go up 🙂 Take it easy. Trudy

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