Acid Rain

Out into the storm she went

to soak in the acid rain

and hopefully shed the prison of skin

clinging desperate to aching bones

Her feet cut on asphalt, broken bottles

glass shards reflecting such a careless sky

over worlds spinning in the same pain

Breathing in the scent of a distant peace

just there beyond the choking fumes

settling into the cracks left behind

by each bullet that could not crack the façade

Just a reminder that “I was just following orders” wasn’t a good enough defense at the Nuremberg trials, and sure as hell isn’t a good enough defense now.

Photo by Alex Conchillos from Pexels

12 responses to “Acid Rain”

  1. It seems that too many people have lost the capacity to think independently and use good judgement. Life is pretty simple, be good to others, do the right thing, hold a door, say hello, please and thank you…Real SIMPLE!

    It takes courage to defy orders, but orders that are wrong need to be defied, no matter the consequences.

    well done Kid!

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