And it came to pass that shadows fell

and the people did bow before the darkness

their fists beat against their breasts

and there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth

at the coming of a night long promised

Yet there was one among them who stood calm

with only a smile for the coming night

who knew that within those shadowed mists there lay

a path to the reaper of souls

And a soft voice in his ear did speak to him

whispered as it had once in his dreams

a soft command to abandon the rest

in that place between shadows

and to come swiftly down the hidden path

following in the footsteps of a great many martyrs

onward into shadows within shadows

where his eyes would have no more need of light

Happy Juneteenth everyone! Except you, Mr. President.

I had the idea in recent days to start branching out into new areas of writing. Maybe some essays, serious or satirical. I’ve never really tried out satire, could be fun. Maybe I’ll start a second blog for that kind of stuff in the near future if there’s interest. Or maybe not. Who knows?

Image from Pexels, couldn’t find the photographer’s name.

12 responses to “Verses”

  1. Great poem. I was getting some Cormac McCarthy vibes from it and you can’t go wrong with that.

    And you should totally branch out into prose if you want. You’re quite good with it. I’m halfway through your other story for the second time. You’ve got a knack for writing.

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