Etched into driftwood and cast away

messages to some future soul

seeking a glimmer of truth

where the sea grinds down all

and spits out worn epitaphs

carved into changing shores and shifting tides

From out of darkness come the wraiths

on waves battered thin against a storm tossed shore

gathering broken pieces

to stitch together into a mosaic

The storied past of the first to cross

who fought storm and talon and landed in dust

to scratch a way out of northern lands

Who found peace in the fallen vale

far from the calling of shadows

yet lost from all voice of a common blade

This one is part of a larger picture.

Photo by Capik Serigala on Unsplash

7 thoughts on “Driftwood”

      1. My pleasure Mitch. I am only going to be answering comment this week. I have been having trouble with an old cervical injury and had 12 steroid shots yesterday. I need to rest my neck and take a week off. I may miss some of your writings but I will start reading when I get back on next Thursday. Please be safe. Hugs and love to the family. 💕❤️🤗

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