It’s like the waves came and washed everything away

but left this raft floating right where it was, and me on it

and now I’m looking toward the shore

where minutes before there was a place I knew

now completely different

and I hate the feeling of nostalgia

so I paddle my way in and pretend like it’s all the same

like the calls I keep getting are anything but ghosts trying to connect

with a world they only half see now

different wavelengths of matter coming into contact

each sure that it is made of truth

walking under twin suns through twin valleys

a river of gold and a river of blood flowing across grasslands

in search of the sea

as if it were something real

This came out very melodramatic, but what are ya gonna do

Photo by Tom Fisk

2 responses to “Nostalgia”

  1. I find it interesting how our minds work. For some reason, a 9 year relationship can barely flicker on the nostalgia scale, but brief but meaningful moments from high school and college can bombard our minds reminding us about what was left behind. Appreciate the good, let go of the bad, and smile because it happened. Maybe it’s meant to help us find what we lost? Who knows?! Lovely words to capture the feelings.

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