Talk of Thunderstorms

When the door closed she showed me
What she kept hidden behind her back
A handful of fire that lit the walls with shadow
And bathed our faces in twilight
Taken with the breath she stole away
Across distances measured in aching heartbeats
This drug we swallowed during talk of thunderstorms
Is a spark in distant night that flies across the sky
And the words for this sensation
Form with the tower walls rebuilt around us
A heap of rubble piled high against the world
Or cast into the fire she holds
To burn alongside our memories of yesterday

What are your dreams/aspirations when it comes to writing? Where do you hope it will take you?

Image by FelixMittermeier from Pixabay

21 responses to “Talk of Thunderstorms”

  1. Been blogging for 18 months. Started with a kind of diary because I didn’t know what else to write about and proceeded to following prompts and trying to write some very short stories from these prompts. Having worked at accounting for 50 years I am trying to add some poetry to my soul. I know it’s in there somewhere waiting to come out. I have tried to write poetry but nothing clicks and so am sticking to prose. I find my writing a little stilted and formal and really have to force myself to articulate meaning and characters. So in answer to your question my dream would be to add some poetry to my prose and make it more rhythmic and flowing.

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    • Keep at it! That’s the hardest thing for me when writing prose—trying not to end up with something that reads like “this happened, then this thing did that.” Trying to loosen the rules of language a bit and let it all kind of flow together.

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  2. Mitchel, a beautiful poem! I’d also want to thank you for reading my dialogues, I see there is a connection. With kind regards and hats off from afar. Best wishes to you!

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  3. I feel like I’m jinxing myself when I talk about aspirations. I want to release the stories I have inside, I want to share ideas and learn from others, I want to break out of my carefully constructed fortress and see what happens. I want to grow. All of these things are happening. Oh, I want to be noticed by a desperate and wealthy publisher who wants to pay me obscene amounts of money to write stuff! Ifs and buts, candy and nuts, Christmas every day, you know what I mean.

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  4. This poem is gorgeous, a rich perfume for eyes and soul. In answer to the question you pose: I wouldn’t mind if my book succeeded in blessing tons of people. I don’t care about getting rich or being ‘famous’…it would be nice that people talked about “that book where the guy goes to that spooky town, and…”

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      • Oh Mitchel, your daydream realized would be SO Cool–I’m going to begin praying tonight that God would work behind the scenes to make both our writing dreams come true. There are verses in the Bible, ex. Deut 15:10 and Psalm 1:3, which speak of God blessing/prospering the work of our hands…work He has put in our hands to do. I know that He put this novel in my head/hands, as I had no thoughts about it prior to Oct 31st. So there’s no reason He wouldn’t prosper your writing too–“ask, seek, knock” 🙂

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  5. Really liked the poem – thanx for posting!
    My stories come to me in bursts of images or dialogue, and once started, I seldom know where the words are going to wind up. I hope my readers experience that same surprise.


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