Variation on a Theme

When we came into the ballroom it was all ablaze

Bells ringing overhead and echoing through

the hall where a symphony once played variations on a theme

and we degenerate few lay beneath the waves

our souls given up to the rise and fall

the ships over deep waters and searching

for some way to turn back the currents

take hold of the sky that watched them go

and fell beyond the dying seas

One day maybe they’ll find the way back 

and gladly go to the hall that stands ablaze

loyal to the glory bright and stranger than the sky

What’s a movie you think everyone should see?

Photo by Sinitta Leunen from Pexels

8 responses to “Variation on a Theme”

  1. Hi there David. Same poet here! For some reason I couldn’t find you in my feed in the WP ap so it made me enter info online but if you haven’t seen Dhadak please do and let me know what you think it will definitely inspire your writing ✍️

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