Faded Reflection

I’m sitting here across streets and snowdrifts

watching for a signal out of this haunted night

when maybe I should be out there, listening

I need to know who lit the candle in that broken window

who left it to sputter and die in the storm

who maybe they followed the wind away into darkness

searching for something on the other side of the glass

the kind of faded reflection a window creates

blurred shadows, a facsimile of the world in muted light

but still there all the same

with a face and a mouth and hands and

if I stare long enough I can see its eyes

Eyes wide and leering though my own are closed

Eyes and a smile, too

curving too far up its face like the blade of a knife

and now I know I can never look away 

because that’s all it wants me to do

This whole situation has me seriously contemplating one day living in a remote cabin as far away from any major city as I can possibly get. Maybe on the shore of a picturesque lake somewhere in the mountains. In my mind, I’m there already.

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

11 responses to “Faded Reflection”

  1. Reminds me of a time when we lose a loved one. Dreaming of a cabin far away or for me an island. Traveling the islands of Tahiti on google Earth, I did this once. In a way we can be wherever we want to be in our minds and hearts especially. I’ve been told the grass is green right where we’re standing. Thanks Mitch.

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