Visions of the Sea

And to the ship with sails unfurled on red horizons

said the wind, ‘Come follow me’

I will show you the forest that gave birth to you

where the living and the dying come together

to dine on the cold biting air

Speaking in tongues of the deep earth

connected all to nerve endings

spiraling out of chaos at the center

into illusions of order, into visions of the sea

Where the forest meets the shore

you died and came alive

to taste on a new wind the salt of long journeys

always with the rise and fall of some great wave

and carried softly in the end back home

to feel again the cold and the shadows

and the loneliness of waiting to return to the other side

Maybe we’re all here, at this specific time and place, because we chose to be.

Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

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