The Same Song

If the message were clear

then everyone would understand it

and we wouldn’t have to sit here

listening to the same song over and over

hearing each time anew the whispers between lines

the words lost amid reverberating chords

music to drown out the noise

and to keep us company as further we go

down through places our eyes refuse to see

At the end we find the broken note we wrote for ourselves

and hear it as if for the first time

read aloud by a voice that knows

what it is to speak when no one is listening

I’ve asked this before, but I think I’ve received a few more followers since then. Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever had an experience with one yourself?

Photo by Alessandro Cerino on Unsplash

33 thoughts on “The Same Song

  1. Mitch this is so beautifully written. I love the way the entire poem is a metaphor. My favorite lines were:

    “At the end we find the broken note we wrote for ourselves

    and hear it as if for the first time

    read aloud by a voice that knows”

    Great stuff my friend. Hope all is well. We just got back from visiting with my daughter and our grandchildren which was such a blessing. So I am behind in reading and commenting. I should have let everyone know I would be off line like you did. Sending love and well wishes your way my friend. Love ❤️ Joni

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      1. My pleasure my friend. Thank you for asking our spending time on a lake with family was such a blessing. Yes a gift not to take for granted.
        I am well and hope you are. It is suppose to be in the 90’s today but feels like 100 degrees. It just keeps getting hotter and hotter here in NC.
        Have a blessed week my friend. Love to you 💕❤️Joni

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  2. locksley2010

    Back in my university days I lived in a house with three others. Coming down the stairs I saw a woman with long blonde hair and an black coat going into the bathroom. Thinking it was my then girlfriend, a few mins later I ask if she’s ok as my house mate offered us a lift to the next lecture. I go up to check and the bathroom’s wide open and nobody else in the house. I checked every room. Stepping out of the house I see my girlfriend in the car wearing a denim jacket and pigtails….. who the hell did I see go into the bathroom?

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      1. locksley2010

        The crazy thing is how ordinary they appear. It’s not like the movies where the apparition appears and it’s all spectral or gory. It’s like a person…. although they do tend to appear a little blurred.

        Do ghosts exist? Yes, but the real question ought to be: what are they?

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      2. Hmm maybe I’ve seen one then without even realizing it. Maybe we all have! Who knows?

        That is a good question. Maybe there’s another universe running parallel to ours, and every so often the boundaries sort of mix together. It’s not like we could prove it either way, so who knows!

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      1. True… I’ve had times when some weird stuff happened at night, or when I thought I saw or felt something but it was most likely a dream. These days at night I’m more scared of natural phenomena like thunder and rain because I’ve had problems with my roof.

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  3. Very well written Mitchel….loved your poem….you got my full attention right from….”If the message were clear then everyone would understand it and we wouldn’t have to sit here listening to the same song over and over”…..true….although….sometimes it’s necessary to reach the depth of it….grasping the essence of it….just like we “know” the meaning of ghost without knowing it….just like we know what love means….just like one needs to die several times to live from the deep…am I making any point….perhaps not…..but I am if you read over & over (pun intended 😉)

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  4. Ghosts or lessor spirits are people conscious temporarily in a different relam (relaxed/broken earthly experience, like a bad dream) because there is something they can not understand about what was their awake experiences relating to the ALWAYS knowing of what/who “God” is and to Infinity…something they need to “work out” about the happenings of their former awake life related to Always. It is interesting the way sight and sound exists in areas which integrate at moments when change is happening. If you see or hear a “ghost”, the best thing to say is, “do what you know how to do” and “say something interesting” with this relating them to an activity and communiation area that is agreeable. Trudy

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    1. I don’t know if I believe in ghosts or not. However, if that kind of power exists then there are things which might show themselves in ways that I might not understand. To be perfectly honest, I welcome the opportunity to witness some kind of otherworldly experience. I just have never actually had that kind of an experience.


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