A Place Once Holy

From where we stand at the edge

we can see the ruins of the mountain

its scars slowly filling with dust

and a feeling that this was a place once holy

Here are the ash and plaster cast bodies

the blind prophet and the paranoid king

reaching out their hands into all time

Let the rains come crashing down

and carry us away from this dead mountain

that we can see is still crumbling

soon to be less than a memory

lost in the union of desert and sea

I can still clearly remember a handful of specific dreams from my early childhood, but regularly forget all of the ones I have these days.

What are your thoughts on dreams—are they random? Are they meaningful? Are they something else entirely?

Image by Jürgen Schilke from Pixabay

15 responses to “A Place Once Holy”

  1. I am a Significant Dreamer. I can remember nearly all my dreams, even from my childhood (I’m in my 40s). Some dreams are nonsense. Some have significant meaning. Some have shown the future. It just depends.

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  2. I rarely remember dreams these days, and when I do, they’re usually really weird, and I’ve usually forgotten them by the middle of the day.

    The last time I distinctly remember a dream meaning something happened in December 2011. (I wrote about it in my old blog, I’m going to go copy and paste that, changing the names to fit the names I use for my current blog):

    I was at my parents’ house in Plumdale. From the time I moved away for school until 2006, whenever I would visit my parents, Mom would go find the remaining cats from my childhood that we still had, and she would bring them to me and say to them in a falsetto baby voice, “Look! Your big brother is home!” This practice stopped in 2006 because that was the year that Pee-Wee, the last cat from my childhood, passed away. I got home, and Mom went in the back yard to find Pee-Wee. She brought her out and said, “Look! Your big brother is home!” In real life, Pee-Wee had died five and a half years earlier, but in dreamland, she was still alive. I remember thinking she was really looking old, and I thought to myself, how old is she now? 18? 19? No, wow, she’s 23! That’s old for a cat! (Leave it to me to do math correctly in my dream; she actually would have been 23 had she been alive on the day I had this dream.) I noticed (here’s where it gets dream-level weird) that her skin was falling off, and I could see bones and internal organs in one spot. Then Pee-Wee ambled out into the street. A car approached, and she moved so slowly in her old age that she barely got out of the way in time. She went to sniff something in a bush, and more of her skin came off, and I could see her brain. Then I woke up.

    At the time, I was in a long distance relationship that just wasn’t working. In a few weeks, the week between Christmas and New Year’s, she would be visiting her old housemates up here. I sat there thinking about the dream, about how letting go of the past can be really sad, but often quite necessary. Not everything is meant to last forever, and sometimes holding on for too long can just cause more pain. I’ve never been a fan of euthanasia in pets or humans (and I’m not interested in getting into a political discussion right now), but in the situation I dreamed about, Pee-Wee was in a lot of pain holding on to this life. And that’s when it hit me, that this dream wasn’t really about Pee-Wee. It was about my girlfriend all along. She wasn’t going to change; the events of the previous few months had shown me her true colors. Holding on to this relationship, trying to salvage a combination of what we had in the beginning and what I always thought a relationship should be like, when she was clearly unwilling to do so, was just causing more hurt and nothing else. If I stayed with her, things wouldn’t be the same as my idealized memories of what things were like in the beginning. I knew at that moment that I had to bring this up when she came for a visit a few weeks later, and I knew at that moment that our relationship would not survive to the end of her visit. We broke up on New Year’s Eve.

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  3. I know dreams to be an area of consciousness that are relating/happening in realms either united with what can continue eternally or separated from what can continue. You don’t want to be stuck consciously in (never awake from) an episode/dream that is not appreciated and so, if that is happening, there is something to understand about your eternal provider and your eternal identity. We should be relating with our always identity when sleeping around. If you are not remembering dreams, then you should be interpreting your awake experience as if it were a dream…is it what you can keep doing and appreciate being added to or the reverse? There is not much different about the awkae experience from the sleeping experience except or the experience of the passage of time. Good topic. Trudy


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