Sinking Ships

the dream is thinning

breaths come easy as the edges blur

suddenly I’m walking in a field with no memory of how I got here

the trees are there in the distance watching me

swaying in a trance that speaks to my soul

hey kid, take this rock

go ahead, use it to break through

and see that it’s exactly the same on the other side

of that mirror you’ve been staring at for a lifetime

or a thousand

watching inevitability take hold

the body is a sinking ship

desperate because it forgot that first it was the ocean

there’s a wild look in eyes that wait for the touch of the abyss

spiraling down to depths like nothing this body has known

plunged into the darkest night of the soul

and rebirth

I need to get out into nature, stat.

 Photo by Nick Jones on Unsplash

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