Ignore the blood on the snow

it will wash away come spring

no trace left, the footsteps too


Don’t ask questions

there are no answers here

but the clouds part and blue

blue like spring’s warmth is there

look there

before the cloud’s wound heals

The world is so gray this time of year

so sad

Here, use this to clean your hands

sure blood stains cotton

but we’re going to burn our clothes


Even the gray, though, can be beautiful

if you know how to look at it

how to let it fill you

and the forest is so quiet and cold

Stop crying

help me carry this

over here

come here a second

see the valley

the snow over everything

a forest of frozen time, waiting

and the silence except for sighing wind


of course there is more work to do


I can’t do this without you




Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

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