Down to the River

Mist off the surface of the river is a cloak Over the backs of we who walk among the trees Joy is our song this day of glory Light and darkness dance together as one...

Skin Over Iron Bones

A cold city speaks of storybooks Cracks in the pavement spell out the final chapters Footsteps in the snow dotting i’s and crossing t’s A saga complete with no voice to read it aloud Yet heard by all who stop to listen.

A Sunken World

Come wayward to this place without sorrow On a borderland between love and apathy We know you are lost—all who come here are lost And stay when they no longer wish to be found.

Earth Gave Way

There was clay in the ground I clawed through Pulling myself back to the surface To sit in a rainstorm I longed for years to feel again And I began to shape the clay...

Dead Leaf Weather

Out in the dead leaf weather a man sits Wondering where he was when the embers caught Was he hugging his daughter in the airport terminal Driving the long way home alone Or have weeks gone by since a decade turned to ash?

Still They Speak

Still they speak in whispers of the intangible Silver shadows crawling over the night-soaked walls Fall silent when I raise my head to listen.

The World Cries Out

The world spins in chaos and defiance Armageddon on the horizon, yet the day dawns anyway Fields of war rumble as the hordes approach And even the king rides out this night to battle.

Townsend Lane

At the end of the topmost branch our precipice awaits Swaying with the music of the wind These clouds passing by would surely catch us Already we have lain among them and watched the world.

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