Lamentation of a King

It stares defiant across this crowded room And the faces between us are invisible The barrier of insurmountable time crumbles Walls heaving with the weight of a thousand stories

Red Robe

A red robe discarded, limp and empty on the marble floor The hand that dropped it rests atop a hidden altar And the voices of revellers echo through the halls Where fires once burned, but all is now dark


Point the way to paradise The long road through sunlight. A call in the night of silence Lights the darkness with thought of terror

Walk Among the Pines

Eyes unblinking in the hollow of a tree Dead branches reaching out to me Inside the dusk that breathes through the forest. Walk among the pines, light like raindrops on silver needles A nectar not of the gods, forsaken long ago


A band of self-made misfits Standing together in a half-moon Lips wrapped around lit cigarettes With filters packed full of gunpowder—

Lights in the Trees

The lights in the trees hang higher now Soft thrills glow warmly within A song of the night approaching slow Cosmic footsteps unsure of what lies ahead

Edge of the Cliff

The hand that was not there broke my world The voice with no mouth an echo of insanity And the first step off a cliff I’d always chased Edge over the black depths of silent whispers.

Desert Rain

Masses swept up in a frenzy of feeling Words forgotten, or whispered on the edge of touch Sensation a ruler over the valley walked in shadow

Hidden Paths

Hold tight the paper hand Follow the scent of dust and madness into the past These black tunnels beneath the world Where evil whispers it’s secrets.

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