Sometimes, when the sun is in just the right spot, It’s light filters through the leaves Swaying in a gentle breeze In the same way it did when I was young.   I often wish to return to the past. Looking back into memory I see Endless summer days, trips to the coast, Heroic deeds... Continue Reading →

Exist With Me

Exist with me in shades of gray.Become the color in my world— The air in my lungsThe fire in my soul.This ocean, this horizon, this open skyWitness our solitude, completed by each other.Winds whisper to us of the past and future;Beneath us the sea swells high with the truth of now.

Hole in the Wall

How long have I been here?The ink shadows have not movedPerhaps they never doIn this light that seeps into the world.I know it does not touch meI am a blank space on the wallA word erased, waiting for the writer to think of a better oneStanding in this hall of concrete.Have I always been here?I... Continue Reading →

Please Do Not Enter the Historical Structures

Falling rafters clutch a ceiling in placeDesperate to hold onA carpet of broken bottlesBeneath the bedframes of living ghostsLight and wind play in windows that cannot closeSighing worlds pass by and do not see insideNights breathe cold through cracks in the wallsSearching for lost soulsTo carry to the stars Original Photography

Tell Me of Magic

Tell me, little one, of magicIn this place, none can touch youSpeakThe world listens.I am with you in this quiet momentLet your voice melt into the babbling creekYour sighs drift away into the boughs aboveYour thoughts stray further from the world beyond.Soon we will travel away from the treesOn our way to distant lands where... Continue Reading →

Bridge in the Woods

Far off beyond golden fieldsThe irrigation ditch begins its life as a springThen bubbles down a rocky slope to unspool into a ribbon stream.Wildwood and brambles grow alongsideChoking the Earth for a chance to drink.A man stands on the stream bank, seeking to cross.He watches the spun glass ripples of stream over rock bedImagines the... Continue Reading →

The First Lifetime

Her thin arms bear the weight of lost youthHolding the world at bay with a glanceLips that do not part except to breathe fire Keep secrets whispered in the darknessTime has already passed her byA lifetime lived in the dawn of youthEyes hardened against the gray painSweeping through her unfathomable mindAhead lies the aftermathThe return... Continue Reading →

What We Made

Sometimes I turn a corner, or open a door to a room I’ve never seenAnd it’s like heaven broke upon the Earth in rivers of color and beauty.For all of humanity’s faults, there is something to be said for the things we create.Beauty for beauty’s sake.Ornaments whose only purpose is to make others smile.The creator’s... Continue Reading →


How fair the folkWho dwell beneath twisted branch and gentle breezeBreathing song of deeds in ages lost to memoryLiving past lives in forest shadeBeckoning to adventurers: “Come rest.Lay weary bones upon our bedsDrink nourishment from cup of gold and pearlEat well and forget the road ahead For dark and perilous is the wayAnd here is... Continue Reading →

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