We met at the crossroads Beneath a different moon Edges like water, the stars falling A constant rain of glittering dust Always beginning at the same place

Light the Way

Flames pulled the inner lining of my threadbare jacket
The only cover on a soul washed raw 
A trickle of blood from an injury I never noticed
Washed by rain from my face upturned to the sky.


A blanket on the world, thick, oppressive
Stars digging their way through the sky
In an effort to reach the surface below

Black Curtain

I could listen to your lies forever Give me no glimpse of the truth Shroud me in your black curtains Until words have no meaning

For Now

You say I have you Here in the dark between our hearts This moment that will beat on unending Beneath that whisper meant to give me peace Yet I see more in your eyes than you know

Out of Reach

Time walked a straight path from the morning On a collision course with rapture Then all melted in a haze of something like color, but more A distant scream was a song on the breeze

The Wrong Words

It was her hand reaching out to me Cold fingers grasping at a final trace of hope Like breath lingering upon a still morning That broke apart the wall, brick by brick


Fly the way of windstorms Howl at the gate, passage through the wall Voice of death calling out ‘enter’ And no dream of disobedience will come.

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