Outside a starlit window stretches a snow-filled plain Blank canvas waiting in the night for a hand to fill it. Candle flames flicker against the glass, A queen’s face reflected in a fantasy Where her mind wanders with its waking thoughts.

The Moon Watches Over Us

I was distracted by the moon when voices fell like rain And brought me back from the light beyond that distant window Your smile an anchor in storm-tossed seas Hands that calm the fire for now...

One Town Over

The street is lined with silent watchers A spectacle of starlight above and below the horizon Where their minds live, where their souls dream...

Secret Alchemy

What once lived in darkness has tasted daylight—sweet drops of it clinging to the limbs of a forest on the slopes of the mountains of madness...

In the Dunes

Spine bent forward by a hand that says ‘walk upright’ Eyes locked on the ground, begging to see the horizon Rolling with the tide, way out there; If the walls of the pit weren’t so steep We could climb above this suffocation and breathe.

Steel Hope

Look up and see where the world ends Out of reach, the edge hovering always above Pressing down on fears of the beyond Grinding to dust all dream of escape—

Hold Fast the Gate

I’ve seen this back alley before In the haze of a dream world, though awake These blinding lights strike me as familiar Behind the door up ahead a staircase descends Into an underworld that awaits my return

Traces of Life

At great distances lies the secret to vision without movement Waves crashing in stop-motion—the artist’s strokes slow, deliberate— Press a button and the whole film plays in seconds Millennia compressed to a bite-sized chunk That still manages to get stuck in the throat Though we didn’t need to breathe, anyway.


Ask, and the world will open itself unto you The crystal passages spiraling to the center Catacombs sprawling beneath the busy streets above In light shunned by those who walk these halls.

Are You There?

Are you there, at the edge of vision Just beyond sight, the grass around your body Bent as a servant to a king A voice of the river, breath is the rolling sea...


Staring beyond the depths of the cup in my hands Into a past I long to know The view from atop the boneyard pile Is a steep descent into rolling madness.

City in the Sky

A city in the sky, melting into the horizon Nations gather in the harbor, the deep water below Darkness connection the world by sand bars and shipping lanes

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