My Next Big Purchase

I could buy a boat and disappearDip below the horizon and enter a new worldDraw life from the sea, guidance from the starsSwell and heave with the wild tideConverse with monsters of the deepDrop anchor in strange waters andSleep under moonbeams scented with myrrhIn harbors of lands unmapped, unknownThe lifeblood of the Earth could be… Continue reading My Next Big Purchase


I dream of an untouched worldEndless space between two horizonsSalt air on my cheek, beneath meStrangeness reaching miles below intoThe realm of Leviathan, whose monstrous formPainted ancient nightmares blueTo stand on the bones of landAloft on the surface of the rippling etherTo hear the haunting callsAnd see shadows of the deep pass by in silenceTo… Continue reading Leviathan

The Witch’s Tomb

I. He pulls a tattered coat tightly about his shivering body Drags his way down a dim side street through a sleepy village His goal the warmth of a welcoming hearth to pass the night away. Behind him the shades of his past follow in somber procession Calling his name, calling his name But he… Continue reading The Witch’s Tomb