We Are the Rebels

The king cried out war to the masses And war was delivered in parades through the streets Banners proclaiming destiny to follow to the ends of time And front lines slaughtered only miles away...

Red Hair

“Do you need help?” The man in the car asked. His voice cut through the night, raised above the downpour, the steady drone of raindrops spattering against the road, the trees, the roof of his car. The girl raised her head, startled.

Are You There?

Are you there, at the edge of vision Just beyond sight, the grass around your body Bent as a servant to a king A voice of the river, breath is the rolling sea...

Crystal Rain

The crystal explosion of light Silent and still behind glass Its face to the street Gazing at its own reflection There is a ghost in the corner who longs to smash it

Lakeside Waltz

The trees are barren,Whispering in the breezeOf a winter's night.Upon the lake a dockAnd two wraiths Clad in shadows.Reflections of a thousand lives Ripple on the water Around them.No thought for the lostWho wander in the darkSearching for hopeAmong the stars,The lovers danceAwash in timeDrifting in the space Between worlds Original Photograph

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