Master of Ruins

It was only for a breath that I saw you Your shadow passed behind some silhouetted appliance and was gone And the words I meant to say to you sprang out across the chasm With never an inkling chance that you would ever hear them...

Are You There?

Are you there, at the edge of vision Just beyond sight, the grass around your body Bent as a servant to a king A voice of the river, breath is the rolling sea...


A blanket on the world, thick, oppressive
Stars digging their way through the sky
In an effort to reach the surface below

For Now

You say I have you Here in the dark between our hearts This moment that will beat on unending Beneath that whisper meant to give me peace Yet I see more in your eyes than you know

The Long Road

Blue fades to black and a sparkle of moonlightHold me close and tell me we made itBreathe eternity and listen to the song of timeWhile home collects new dust that will never be cleared away.Our road ended when it reached the starsBut our journey has not yet begun.Now memory is a racing heartbeatA shudder at... Continue Reading →

Cold Together

We should not be hereBut we’re here togetherCan you feel my heartbeat?Yours strikes out in ripplesBending the still surfaceWith the racing blood in your veinsLittle earthquakes whisper I love youEven though it isn’t trueI cannot feel my fingersLegs, too, lost in the cold darknessSo I huddle closer to youSnatching at traces of warmth already drifting... Continue Reading →

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